The Perfect Kindergarten and Preschool Assessments

Are you Looking for the Perfect Assessments?

I use the assessments below in my classroom. I have used and perfected these assessments for over 15 years, and I truly believe them to be the perfect kindergarten and Pre-K assessment packets. And yes, they are strategically linked to Core Standards.

A few years ago I found ESGI and it completely transformed the administration and data collection of these assessments. Before ESGI, I ran a copy of the assessments for each student, had an organized assessment binder for both math and reading, and then spent hours transferring the data to a spreadsheet that automatically color-coded the students to red, yellow and green. This took me HOURS of time! But ESGI has changed all of that, it is literally Click Click Done!

Now, I test my students on the iPad or my computer using my tried and true authentic assessments, have immediate data results and all of the tools necessary to utilize this data to improve student learning. I can even access built-in RTI and SLO data at the touch of a button.

I have partnered with ESGI and my perfect assessments are available both traditional paper or with ESGI, digitally with no extra cost to you. If you want to try ESGI using a free 60 day trial. Remember to enter the promo code B7227. You will find all of the paper assessments below already loaded on ESGI.

All of these assessments are also available on TPT.

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Twelve Steps to Parent Reporting

Twelve Steps to Parent Reporting

Are you looking for a time saving report card option?

Are you looking for a Common Core based report card?

Are you looking for a wide variety of already made, time-tested assessments?

Are you looking for a report card that reports EXACTLY what you want to report?

Then look no further! Sign up for your free trial of ESGI today! Use code B7227 to save $40.00.

Kindergarten Assessments at their BEST

I have spent this week testing, using fabulous ESGI, preparing for my Mid-Term Conferences. Today, I enjoyed a little entertainment from this delightful student.

Me: Please write the word in the box, saying the sounds as you write. Pig.
Cutie: (As she writes the letters p-i-g). "Oink, oink, oink. That was easy."
Me: Hen.
Cutie: "Well! That's easy too. Cluck, cluck, cluck." (As she easily writes H-e-n).

Yep, Kindergarten keeps me fully entertained!  And because ESGI makes the assessments a breeze I am able to assess stress-free, allowing me to savor small magical Kindergarten moments.

By the way! You still have time to enter The AMAZING ESGI Giveaway!: Follow this link for full instructions. 

January: Time for Mid-Year Assessments

Are you like me and have to begin mid-trimester, or semester tests as soon as you get back into the classroom next week? Well, thank goodness to ESGI Software, the time needed to gather this valuable data through assessments has been literally cut in half. 

Beside the savings of valuable teaching time, students love to be assessed through the use of technology. It feels to them like a game. As students are called to the Ipad or computer for a little one-on-one private teacher time, the students bolt over as quickly as their names are called.

If you haven’t given it a try, click here to sign up for your free 60 day trail using promo code B7227. Worried about starting in mid-year, no problem! It is so simple to use, catching up on that great data assessments will take no time at all. And you will be very glad you did!

To help you get started using ESGI, you may want to check out these great assessments that are available in paper formant and as a bonus, already digitally loaded on ESGI!
Common Core English/Language Arts Assessments:Kindergarten  


12 Days of Prizes!

If you haven't yet heard, ESGI is all the rage and is saving teachers hours and hours of time by simplifying assessments for early learners. Check it out today by starting your 60 day free trial. Then, when you win one of the prizes below (wishing you luck), you can simply convert that free trial to the real deal! 

The holidays are a season of giving, right? In this spirit, ESGI is bringing you the biggest holiday contest we've ever hosted, and wow, do we have an A-list line up!  We've partnered with 12 of the "Best of the Best" early childhood bloggers/presenters/content developers for 12 Days of Giveaways! It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, you can enter to win these amazing prizes.  Co-sponsoring this super holiday giveaway are... Heidi ButkusKim JordanoPalma LindsayJayne GammonsCrystal RadkeMary AmosonKinderLitDeanna JumpKathy CraneKim AdsitDeedee Wills Dr. Jean Feldman!

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Entering is really quite simple, and we cannot wait to get these great prizes into your hands!

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Parent Teacher Conference Prep Magic!

This parent conference report took me exactly 3 minutes to produce for all 23 of my students using ESGI! This would have taken me hours to do by hand. If I want to print flashcards for all incorrect answers, no problem. That will probably only take me another 3. Hum. Maybe I should get a pedicure today with that extra time.

If you haven't signed up for your free trial, do it today! 

Just click here and try it for 60 days.

Parent Conference No-Hassle Notes

Once again ESGI saves a teacher time in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Schedule your conferences with a few simple clicks.

Step 2: Print conference letters.

*You can select if you want all letters and notes to be printed in English or Spanish!


Step 3: Print reminder notes.

Do you want to try this time-saving tool 60 days for free? 
Click on the ESGI on my sidebar, or here directly on the words. You will love everything about it! 

Preschool Assessments

Of course I didn't forget! The bestselling Preschool Assessment Packets are also updated! And yes! They are also ready for you to load onto your own ESGI account!

ESGIYou will love the ease that ESGI gives this product. I have done the work for you; all of these tests are there: click, click, done. Simply click on the test explorer tab (within ESGI) and look for my name: Kathy Crane to find the correct tests. (Important: At the very end of the testing documents are screen shots of how to organize your tests on ESGI to correlate with the paper copy).

 Even if you are not sure whether paperless testing and data retrieval is for you, you will want to take advantage of their free 60 day trial! Simply go to click on the orange button!

Please remember to enter promo code B7227 to receive $40.00 off the already low price.