Election Day Activites

Election season is here, and this one in particular will be getting a lot of attention in the media. Help your young learners understand the process by using great literature selections to help as you plan a thematic election unit.

To get you in the mood for thematic planning, check out our podcast interview with Mary Parry, author of Sadie McGrady, episode #24.

We want to make your planning a breeze!

We have for you a great cross-curricular packet that will not only offer students great academic skills practice, but also provides much more.

Contents include:

Literacy Activities

A Call From Mr. President: Alphabet Letter Fluency

Race to the Capital: Identifying Alphabet Letters and Sounds or Reading CVC Words

Washington and Lincoln: Reading and Matching Sight Words

Bear Country Voters: Writing Alphabet Letters

Patriotic Sounds: Isolating the Beginning Sounds in Words

Flags: Rhyming

The Flag: Sentence Tracing

Math Activities

Campaign Buttons: Ordering Numbers 0-12

Red, White, and Blue Party: Counting (or Adding) Objects

The Donkey and the Elephant: Comparing Numbers

Counting Stars: Counting Objects to Match a Given Number

Design a Flag: Recognizing Shapes Regardless of Orientation

Art Projects

Patriotic Art

Flag Construct

Social Studies

Let’s Vote

Campaign Buttons

Campaign Signs


Who Will Be Our President

If I Am President

Election Word Wall

Class Book: The Election

Guided Reading Books

The Flag

The Election


The Three Little Colors

Washington and Lincoln

Mr. President

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