Clapping Syllables


I have spend the last few days clapping syllables to the extent that I have even found myself breaking up words into parts at home! So why all the clapping? Syllables, or being able to hear the parts of words and the rhythm that makes up our oral and written language is a crucial beginning step in the learning to read process. I love using our easy to prepare lessons from our Learning to Read: Syllables Unit; I think you will love it to! We have recently updated and added to the product making it a complete syllable curriculum of four lessons for four weeks.

Week 1
Clapping Names
Syllable Objects
The Syllable Walk
Syllable Count

Week 2
Color Walk
Off To See The Wizard
Family Fun
Syllable Sale

Week 3
Animal Sort
The Country Store
Squirrel Sort
Race Up the Ladder

Week 4
Counting Syllables
I Can Syllables
Pumpkin Patch
Haunted House Syllables

Jack Hartmann has a great syllable song video on youtube. I would recommend adding this song to the lessons above to get everyone in your room clapping!

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