Math Through Play: Kindergarten Math Curriculum BUNDLE

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You have asked for it, and here it is!

Introducing our "Math Through Play" Growing Bundle, a Comprehensive Math Curriculum for an entire year of learning! When purchasing the bundle, you save $46!

This math curriculum is developmentally appropriate and *classroom-tested for early learners. The lessons are geared for a typical Kindergarten classroom and can be easily adapted for Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, or any Homeschool setting. The unit can easily be a stand-alone math curriculum, or enhance your mandated curriculum by adding some fun and play to those worksheets!

As a bonus, many of the lessons are scripted to allow for easy lesson delivery without a lot of preparation, and also, it can be easily handed to a teaching assistant or a parent volunteer with confidence that the lesson objective and content will be delivered!

* The table of contents are clearly outlined to make lesson preparation a breeze.
* The units will includes extras such as how, why, when, and many classroom suggestions.
* Each unit contains 4 weeks of curriculum.
* Each week of a unit includes four or five lessons to build knowledge and experience in mathematical knowledge.

Each lesson is linked to Common Core standards!

These lessons can be delivered to the whole group, or easily used as small group lessons.

Download now and you will receive Unit 1: Counting and Cardinality!

Look for the added units on or before the release date. (Be sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified if the units release earlier than expected.

Units will include:
Unit 1: Counting and Cardinality (Released Aug 1, 2017)
Unit 2: Geometry (Release Date September 1, 2017)
Unit 3: Comparing Numbers and Sets (Release Date October 1, 2017)
Unit 4: Operations and Algebraic Thinking (Release Date November 1, 2017)
Unit 5: Classify and Analyze Data (Release Date December 1, 2017)
Unit 6: Number Operations (Release Date January 1, 2018)
Unit 7: Measurement (Release Date February 1, 2018)
Unit 8: Building Number Sense (Release Date March 1, 2018)
Unit 9: Fluency in Operations Release Date April 1, 2018)