Classrooms Should Reflect A Child's Natural Active Learning Style.

Today I ask a few kids what they wanted in their next school year. The answers all echoed the same theme. "I want to do fun things!" "I want my teacher to be fun." "I want my teacher to be nice to me." "I want to do a play." "I want my teacher to read funny books." "I want to have lots of friends." "I want to make fun things." "I want to play lots of games." "I want to go on fieldtrips." "I want lots of recess."

Interestingly enough, not one answer was "I want to do worksheets." "I want to sit quite at my desk." Rather, all of the answers reflected the active learning styles that children crave, because children instinctually know how they learn best; through active, hands-on discovery learning opportunities. We need to listen to them!

Enjoy this free poster. Just grab the picture and drag the jpg to your desktop and print. If you want a larger size, simply slip that jpg onto a thumbdrive and take it to a photo center. I have found that Sam's Club has really great prices. I can print a poster for only $3.00. This is going on my classroom door.