Building Visual Discrimination, Geometric Knowledge, & Nurturing Young Artists!

A great way to empower students to become independent artist, improve visual discrimination, and increase geometric knowledge is to make shape people! We have been studying geometric shapes in math. To make our studies authentic, we drew ourselves using shapes in our Journals. I love using composition notebooks that can easily have a sheet attached with a glue stick to make a permanent worksheet saved in a "journal." 


The Instructions: Draw a Person

  1. Draw a circle head.
  2. Draw a square body.
  3. Draw rectangle arms and rectangle legs.
  4. Draw oval shoes, an oval nose and oval ears.
  5. Draw circle hands and circle eyes.
  6. Draw a mouth, and add hair!

A few days later, we transferred our geometric people drawing skills to a construct model of ourselves.

The Instructions: 

Remember the people we made yesterday using shapes? Today we are going to make us using those same shapes! Remind students the directions as listed above. Encourage students to tear the construction paper to make hair; tearing paper builds hand muscles. 

Try this product to further your student's geometric studies.

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Table of Contents

Shape Walk: Finding Shapes in the Environment

Shapes Guided Reading Book: Identifying Shapes in the Environment

Shape Bingo: Identifying Shapes

Shape Memory: Identifying Shapes

3D Match-up: Identifying Three Dimensional Shapes

Shape Graph: Describing and Graphing Shapes

X The Shape: Analyzing and Comparing Shapes

The Shape Song: Learning Shapes Through Song

Touch the Shape: Analyzing and Comparing Shapes

My Shape Me: Building a Person Drawing Shapes

Making Shapes: Making 3D Shapes with Clay

Shape Puzzles: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape

Triangle Duck: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape

Rectangle Giraffe: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape