Body Positivity

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The day G. told me that she doesn’t like her nose because it “isn’t cute” is the day I started writing this book. Our bodies are ours alone. They need to be honored, cherished, and loved. Do we all look the same? No. Do we all have magazine worthy bodies? No. But that isn’t what being “Me” is all about!

As caring adults in a young child’s life, it is imperative that we build body positivity. This lifeskill needs to be fostered, developed, and nourished. In today’s society, children need to feel their own value and self-worth rather than the reflection of air-brushed magazine role-models. We are all special in our own special ways.

The book I created for little G., and all children like her, is available here for you to use with your classroom filled with students, or your own children. You can find the book in its book form here:, or find black and white or color copies here, with a couple companion worksheets below.

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