Best Digital Kindergarten Assessment

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Have you been wanting to try ESGI, the best digital assessment tool around, but the cost has held you back, or perhaps you wanted to really try it out before purchase? Well wait no longer! ESGI is now offering a deal not to miss!

All teachers who register for a free trial account between now and April 10th, and who use the promo code B7227,  will receive an EXTENDED FREE TRIAL through August 31, 2017! That's right! FIVE MONTHS FREE for ALL teachers who have always WONDERED about ESGI but for some reason, have never tried it out! And then when you are in LOVE with ESGI, your price of purchase will be the discounted price of only $159.

Wait there's more! 

All teachers who register for an ESGI trail during this campaign will be entered to win a "Pot of Gold" mystery grand prize from ESGI.  Announcement coming on April 11th, the day after the campaign has ended. What can that prize be?? The folks at ESGI are amazingly generous so I would guess it to be something as fabulous as March itself!

Speaking of March