Plants: A Thematic Unit for Early Learners

Actively engage young learners in the world of plants by using this cross-curricular Plant Themed Unit. Strategically Linked to the common core, this "Developmentally Appropriate" Thematic plant unit is divided into areas of literature, media, music, art, literacy activities, math activities, worksheets, science activities, creative writing, word wall words, and guided reading. 

The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation. The lessons are fun and engaging and will leave your classroom or homeschool students begging for more.

Includes instructions for creating a quality "Plant Themed Science Center."

Includes instructions for creating a quality "Plant Themed Science Center."

Contents Include

Math Center Activities

Flowering Math: Joining Sets

Watermelon War: Comparing Numerals

Garden Party: Demonstrating Subtraction 

Counting Seeds: Count out items to match a given number.

Planting Seeds: Making Combinations to 10 

Adding Flowers

Garden Takeaway

Plant a Garden Ways to Make 8

Reading Center Activities

Flower Garden: Reading Sight Word & CVC Word Sentences (or alphabet recognition).

Tip Toe Through the Tulips: Alphabet letter sound fluency (or sight word fluency)

Run Rabbit Run: Alphabet Letter Fluency

In the Garden: Naming Sight Words

Greenhouse Words: Reading Sight Words

Blooming Words: Isolating Phonemes & Writing CVC Words From Dictation

The Garden Show: Writing Color Words

Science Activities

Building a Science Center

A Seed Grows: Planting a seed in a bag

Kitchen Science: Edible Dirt

Plant Parts: Observation of Plants

The Thirsty Stem: Capillary Action In Plants

Seed Sorting: Using the Scientific Process

Art Projects

Plant Parts: Portfolio Sample

Artful Flowers

Mother's Day Flower

Fingerprint Flowers


Watermelon Pie 

Inch by Inch (adapted) by David Mallet

Plant A Seed

Guided Reading

The Little Seed


Plant Word Wall Words

Prompts: All About Seeds,What I Know About Plants

I Can Writing: Label it, list it card it

Supporting Materials

Further extend the learning with these Jack and the Beanstalk themed materials

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