Pond Life Thematic Unit: Frogs

Life in a pond is filled with some of the most fascinating characters you can find. Consequently it makes for a great thematic unit!. Frogs, duck, turtles, alligators, butterflies, dragonflies, and other pond life are among some of my favorite creatures to study, because they are not only fascinating, but pretty cute!

The study of pond life offers great opportunity for building vocabulary such as Living — Nonliving, life-cycle, observation, record, habitat, pond, environments. These vocabulary words are a great springboard for active experience with scientific principals.



Today I am going to talk about Frogs! Frogs are easy to purchase! Did you know you can even purchase one on Amazon? I have purchased each of these in the past and they are quality products. You have to send off for the frog friend after the container’s arrival (which comes pretty quickly), so allow ample time for the purchase before you need the little frog friend to come to your classroom, or home learning space! These frogs are really hearty, have a long life, and grow quite big!

Bring in some cute songs, fingerplays, and videos to enhance the learning.

There are tons of examples of thematic fun you can add into your curriculum when it comes to frogs. Here are a few examples: Construction Frogs, Write about frogs, Frog subtraction or addition, Frog Frosties, Frog on a Log, Frog songs, Frog science.

Create a science center. A place for students to learn independently the joys of scientific discovery.


Add the academics. This pond thematic unit and supporting writing activities will have everything you need for frog fun, and strategic-academic learning that is linked to common core standards.


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Product Description

Enjoy learning about animals and insects that live in a pond as your use this engaging "Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit" about Pond Animals.

Life in a Pond is filled with authentic play-based learning activities that your students in your classroom and/or homeschool setting will love. All activities are strategically linked to Common Core Standards.

Contents include: 


Five Little Ducks

Oh I Want to Be a Frog

The Little White Duck

Art Projects

Handprint Duck

Fingerpaint Ducks Portfolio Sample

Frog Construct


A Frog’s Life: Sequencing Map

A Duck Grows Up: A Science Booklet: Duck’s Life Cycle


Frog in a Pond

Frogs on a Log

Guided Reading Books

The Pond

A Frog Grows


Pond Word Wall

Writing Prompts: The Frog, Ducks

Writing Center Activities: 

How To, Write It, Label It

Math Activities

Hopping Frogs: Solving Equations

Where’s My Mommy: Matching Equations to Decompositions

Frog Subtraction: Subtracting Objects

Turtle Race: Adding and Subtracting Fluently 

Teen Duck Lotto: Matching Teen Numbers to Quantity

Literacy Activities

Frogger: Decoding CVC Words

Pond Phrases: Reading & Matching Phrases

Turtle Snap: Decoding Nonsense Words

Punctuation Pond: Choosing End Punctuation Marks

Pond Hunt: Write the Room Sight Words

At the Pond: Writing 3 and 4 Sound Words

Pond Sort: Word Family Picture Sort

Pond Theme Independent Writing Practice

Spring Thematic Unit

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Your classroom or homeschool students will love these Spring Themed Guided readers.

Having an authentic paper book for your students to use at school and then take home will extend the learning.

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Make your writing center effective, challenging, and fun, by using these ready to use writing center materials.

Frogs: Can, Have, Are Anchor Chart
Frogs: Write a Story
Ducks: Can, Have, Are Anchor Chart
Ducks: Write a Story
Label-It I Can Chart
Label-It Student Worksheets
Make a List I Can Chart
Make a List Student Worksheet
Pond Life Word Wall
Write a Story I Can Chart
Write a Story Prompt Worksheet
Write The Room Anchor Chart
Write the Room Word Cards
Write the Room Worksheets
QR Sight Words
QR Letters
Write CVC Words

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Product Description

This Spring Themed "Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit" is filled with authentic active learning activities that will thrill your classroom or homeschool students as they learn important academic skills.

"It's a Spring Thing" is strategically linked to the common core standards. It is divided into areas of literature, music, art, literacy, math, worksheets, science, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation. 

Contents Include: 

Literacy Games

Lambs & Lions: Naming Letters Quickly

Let's Go Fly a Kite: Naming Sight Words Quickly

Abracadabra: Decoding CVC Words

The Bird's Nest: Building Familiarity With Punctuation Marks

Odd Duck: Word Families

Independent Literacy Activities

Spring Words: Distinguishing Between Similar Words

Math Games:

Fly Away Birdie: Solving Subtraction Problems

Spring Fling: Solving Addition Problems

Runaway Chicks: Solving Mathematical Problems Using 5-Frames

Chicks Together: Developing Mental Math Using 5-Frames

Bountiful Bunnies: Decomposing Numbers

Independent Math Activities

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Decomposing Numbers

Who Is Ready For Spring?: Connecting Numbers 1-43

Hippity Hop: Connecting Numbers 1-47



March Wind

Put Up Your Umbrella

Science Projects

Jello Mixing: Mixing Colors Tactilely

Color Mixing: Making Secondary Colors

Paint Mixing: Recording Data From an Experiment

Art Projects

Lamb & Lion: Portfolio Sample

Under the Umbrella

Vase of Flowers: Artist Study

Easter Bunny Hat


What I Like About Spring

The Easter Bunny

Guided Reading Books

Mix It Up

Pond Thematic Unit

Pond Independent Writing Center Activities

Spring Themed Guided Readers

Spring Themed Intervention Games

Lamb and Lion Spring Themed Activities

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