100th Day

Kathleen's class in Idaho just celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten. It was a day full of 100 activities - counting objects, reading 100 Day books, writing numbers, and stringing Fruit Loop necklaces. 

Whether your 100th Day is long past or yet to come, counting to 100 has relevance in your classroom. According to the Math Common Core Standards, kindergartners should be able to count to 100 by ones and by tens. While some students begin the year counting to 100, most kindergarten kids need to count and count and count some more to achieve that goal. 

To develop and reinforce counting skills, I provide a variety of activities throughout the year. We play number and counting games during centers. We count various objects including pencils, crayons, pennies, marbles, and bears during opening activities. We count as we pick up or transition to a new activity, alternating between counting by ones and by tens. We also trace and write numbers on a regular basis to reinforce the count sequence.

Counting to 100 can easily be incorporated into your school day. If you’re looking for some games and activities to reinforce counting to 100, check out our 100 Day unit. Even though it is organized as a specific unit, most of the lessons can be used at any time of the year. Happy counting!