Arctic Freeze: Thematic Common Core Curriculum Essentials

Love the Polar Regions!Teach the Common Core Standards with confidence by using these strategically linked cross-curricular, thematic activities

Contents include:

Shared Reading Activities:
The Whale & The Penguin: Group Poetry Activity
Arctic Friends: Retell a Story

Scripted Literacy Activities:
Glacier Bay: Phoneme Segmentation
Glacier Melt Down: Fluently Naming Alphabet Sounds
March of the Penguins: Alphabet Letter Fluency
Arctic Hunt: Nonsense Word Fluency

Independent Literacy Activities:
Walrus Waddle & Walk: Writing Beginning Sounds
Igloo Match: Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters
Arctic Animal Names: Writing Missing Letters

Math Activities:
Polar Bears in the Cave: Counting On
Penguin Playground: Adding to and Taking Away
Eskimo Count: Joining Sets
Rescuing Penguins: Identifying Teen Numbers

Independent Math Activities:
Polar Bear Fishing: Comparing Quantities
Comparing Igloos: Comparing Written Numerals
Eskimo Friends: Composing Numbers

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Arctic Word Wall
The Penguins
Polar Animals
Label It

Guided Reading Books
Arctic Friends
Class Made Book
Arctic Friends

Art Projects

My Eskimo

Ice Race: Exploring Properties of Water
North Pole Facts
South Pole Facts
Blubber Experiment:How Polar Animals Keep Warm

North and South
Arctic Friends