Valentine Dramatic Play

We are all excited for Valentine's Day! And we are celebrating in the dramatic play area, which has just become our Valentine Post Office! I made a whole bunch of mail carrier hats by using the template that is available at Then I gave each child a "mailbox" by placing his/her picture inside of a cubby. Actually, I had to squeeze 3 kids to each cubby because I now have 61 kids!!! 30 in one session and 31 in the other (welcome to Utah).

Then I set up a writing area with access to lots of valentine words. Some of which are available through our valentine unit and some I accessed here.

Finally, I made sure to include lots of Valentine making materials: cards, hearts, stamps, stickers, envelopes, papers, stencils, etc. The kids are having a great time making Valentines and delivering them to one another while practicing their emerging writing skills in an authentic way! Hooray for dramatic play!!