Science Journal

I am addicted to color copies, cardstock, clipart, tape guns, MAC computers, kindergarten and cherry coke! So to celebrate my lack of denial, here is a free Science Journal Cover to download if you wish! Just click on the picture and download at my Teacher’s Pay Teachers’ Store.

Scrappindoodles TPT License # 36372
Border & Font Commercial License

This cover is sized to attach to the front cover of a composition notebook. These make great journals as they are easy to manipulate and sturdy enough to serve as a writing surface.

The sheet can be quickly attached to the cover of this notebook by using double sided tape applied by a Scotc ATG Applicator. I LOVE mine. If you have never used one, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it! 
(Thank you Lori for introducing me to it!)

I use the journal throughout the year for many various activities. Friday I will blog about our first entry the students will make at the insect zoo. Most of the units we have for sale at TPT include science journal pages that are attached to the inside pages of the journal. I love how this book looks at the end of the year. It is actually a work of art, a mixed media delight. If you haven’t tried using a journal exclusively for math and science you might want to consider it.