Building Visual Discrimination, Geometric Knowledge, & Nurturing Young Artists!

A great way to empower students to become independent artist, improve visual discrimination skills, and increase geometric knowledge is to make shape people! Yesterday we reviewed geometric shapes and drew people using those shapes in students' Math and Science Journals.

The Instructions: 

Draw a circle head, square body, rectangle arms, rectangle legs, oval shoes, circle hands, circle eyes, oval nose, oval ears, draw a mouth, and add hair!

Today we transferred that knowledge to a life-size model of ourselves.

The Instructions: 

Remember the people we made yesterday using shapes? Well today we are going to make us using shapes! (Have most of the shapes pre-cut adding with the visualization opportunities of putting pieces together.) I Had everything precut except for the hands. I taught them how to cut off the corners of a square to make a circle. The hair was torn into  small shapes to build hand muscle strength.