Book Builder Online

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I have just discovered the most wonderful recource that has been helping my students attend more to print. (made by Pioneer Valley Books)! My students have moved beyond the skill of tracking print and are ready to start attending to text features. This has been really difficult for some of them. Enter This great resource lets a teacher print books that include the student's own name in the text! Additionally, the levels of the books are further subdivided to make selecting the perfect guided reading book for the child. Instead of just having a level C, bookbuilderonline has level C3 and C4, D5 and D6, etc. In fact, I was so excited about bookbuilderonline I contacted them for a membership/exchange post.


The first day I used a Book Builder book with my students something awesome and amazing happened! My students started attending to the features of print! As soon as they realized their own name was in the book the excitement was palpable and their engagement with the text was heightened. They began to look at the print itself searching for the next time their name would appear. Because of this great recourse, my student's abilities have increased. I highly recommend this resource to everyone to improve your guided reading instruction!