Happy New Year Thematic Unit: Featuring Telling Time to the Hour

Although learning to tell time is not a math skill, and is not included as a Common Core Standard in kindergarten, the teaching of clocks as a tool for mathematical thinking is crucial. 

A clock is made of the numbers 1-12 laid out in numerical order. This alone makes the clock a handy aid when teaching counting and cardinality. Giving a student opportunity to work with clocks help develop number recognition, sequencing, and numerical order.

I think I have introduced clocks the first day back from winter break for the entire 25 years of my career (thank you Ruth Hepworth). Waiting for Monday morning, right at my carpet/calendar area, I have my little student size Judy Clocks ready to go and my copy of Hap Palmer’s, Paper Clocks ready for the play button to be pushed. After we have manipulated the clocks to the song a couple of times, I love to have the students construct their own clocks to take home and show off their new skill of telling time to the hour. 

Here are a few of our book and media suggestions with our affiliate link. 

Here are a few videos that I like to use to supplement my teaching of time. The Singlish version of Hickory Dickory Dock is my all-time favorite!

You may wish to check out our Happy New Year Unit that focuses on ways to measure time: Clocks and Calendars. Here are a few sample pages.

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