Looking For The Perfect Christmas Program?

For 16 years, my colleague, Kathleen Law, and I, put on he Bears Great Adventure: A Christmas Play (32 productions because of 1/2 day kindergarten), and it was never the same twice! We never knew who was going to have a meltdown caused by severe stage fright, who is going to scream the words at the top of his/her voice, who will find the world is his/her stage, or who will cry endlessly because they cannot see mama (even thought she is on the front row). However, it always turned out to be a great success after a lot of hard work by eager 5 and 6 year olds.

We know from experience that this is a play that delights and brings joy to kids and parents alike. After 16 years of being our own, we released the script to this play. It is available here, or and at our TPT store. We include with it many tips, helps, and hints for success.

This play is the story of four little Bears who take a winter walk and have an adventure along the way. Act 1: The Woods; Act 2: Mother Goose Land; Act 3: Winter Wonderland; Act 4: The North Pole. 

This would be a great addition your class's Christmas celebrations this year!

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"I modified this into a shorter version for my kinders this year. It was a blast - and the parents loved it! Thanks for helping me spruce up my Christmas Program this year! :)"
"This is a great "base" from which to dive off and so easily modifiable. Thanks!"
"After I read this story with my students, we could create another version of Xmas adventure play. Thank you so much! My students and I love you story!"
"We used this for our Christmas Play at our small DODEA overseas school. It was perfect for our community and I love the flexibility of the program to add/delete portions based on our own school needs."
"We did this for our parents and the kids and parents loved it. Thanks"