Communicating With Parents

When it comes to communicating with parents and engaging families, I have yet to find anything as easy to use and all inclusive as Kyambu. Here are a few things that Kaymbu will do for you and your classroom. Classrooms of any grade level!

Using Kaymbu in Your Classroom

Kaymbu is a wonderful tool to build positive relationships with families. By publishing moments and inviting families to be a part of the big and little moments at school, all families can become more engaged with the classroom and with their child's life at school. These strong relationships and trust between home and school are what allow teachers to not only better serve their students, but also tackle those difficult conversations that sometimes need to happen.  Kaymbu is a proactive rather than a reactive form of communication!

  • Messages (Photo/Video/Text) - One of my favorite features of Kaymbu is the "Message Archive" that logs every single thing I send (text, photos, or videos) connected with each parent sent the content. It's such an easy way to track things, and I can see immediately when messages are opened! And best yet, the parents are allowed to receive these messages and/or photos via text or email. So rather than feeling like my messages and/or newsletters are getting lost in the universe, with Kaymbu I can see if the message has been opened once, twice, or however many times! On average, messages sent through Kaymbu have between a 200-300% open rate (because Dad might forward to Grandma or something like that).
  • Parent Connections -I can't tell you how much feedback I get from parents or family members that getting pictures and videos of their child from school, real time, adds a brightness to their day. The parents feel better connected with the classroom.
  • User Friendly -Since Kaymbu knows teachers have millions of tasks and responsibilities on their plate, they have made it a top priority to design an app that is easy to understand and implement in the classroom. Simply put, Kaymbu is user friendly! In fact, many times I have my own 5 year old students take many of the photographs for me! After snapping the photo, I can simply click on the name of the student(s) that you wish to send the photo to and press publish (or push delete if the photo is not a great one).
  • Portfolio Building - Kaymbu makes parent/teacher conferences, teacher/administrator meetings, and portfolio building of all kinds a quick and painless process! Since schools and teachers can create customizable tags (based on events, their state's learning standards, etc) to document learning strategies, objectives, and individual students, locating saved work is easy to do.
  • Storyboards - This is another great built-in feature that I can utilize to create beautiful resources for newsletters, emails, or I can even print them out to display on bulletin boards.

Did you know that you can visit and sign up for a free 30 day trial? Try it out, you will love it. 

(*I have been given a free year of Kaymbu in return for this posting, but honestly I LOVE this product. It has changed for the better my communication with parents).