Help! I am in Shut-Down Mode.


Has anyone else extended themselves so far that they actually shut down? My guess is that I am not the only one. After all, feeling spread thin is actually the definition of being a teacher, wife, mother, husband, father, or simply put, human being.

I have to do something! My To-Do list is not going away any time soon. In fact if I don’t do something quick, it will simply get longer and longer. AH! Okay time to make my action plan.

  1. EXERCISE! I need some quick exercise. Okay, I don’t have time to go to a gym, and I moved away from my favorite Water Aerobics instructor, but there is something I can do right here and now. I can do a few quick minutes of Zumba or my 90’s favorite Jazzercise. (Just the still of this video brings a few endorphins to my brain). Now it makes me want to see if Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda are on youtube. 15 minutes will do the trick!

2. WORK! There is about 1/2 foot of fresh snow outside that needs shoveling! I bet if I bundle up and breath that fresh January air with a little quick snow shoveling, it will get me going. A short chore always gets the blood pumping.

3. EAT! What is going into my mouth? I have been cheating a lot with Christmas leftovers. It is probably time to detox my body and fill it with some high-quality fruits, veggies, and proteins.

4. DETOX from social media. Last night when I was working on a high stress project, I found at the end of a valuable 2 hours I had simply surfed Pinterest, facebook, and instagram. Time to set that social media timer. I have found that if I set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes, I look quickly at what I want to see and then move on. Timer it is!

5. SUN! So nothing like good old Vitamin D and the rays of the sun to make you feel energized. I wish I could book a cruise today, but I will have to settle for a Vitamin D pill and pay attention to a second hint that I need to get outside and shovel that snow.

6. CREATE! I haven’t pulled out my paints for quite some time. I need to take 15 minutes to set up a new project so that I can spend at least 15 minutes a day deep in artistic thought. I have about a billion hobbies to choose from, so I must be careful to select only one that I will use as my creative outlet on at a time. Painting! That is the one for now. (If I choose genealogy, the rabbit hole is hard to get out of. I must choose the creative outlet that can be time-bound when I am this busy).

7. BREAK! I need to reward myself. I have been wanting to watch Crazy Rich Asians for a while. I have owned it on iTunes since Christmas. I need to schedule that much needed break — at true break from my to-do list of projects — guilt free. I have to figure out how to break without shame. Hum. maybe popcorn? Maybe as a reward for hours of solid work? Yep! I am going to set the timer this evening for 2 hours. If I have worked solidly, Crazy Rich Asians will be watched without shame of “You should be working on ……".


8. BLAST OUT THE VOICES! Does anyone else have those voices in their heads that says “You should do more?” Or constantly compare themselves with another. Those negative voices in our head always push our thoughts to the worst-case scenarios or to the negatives of our perilous world! That negative inner voice can be our worst enemy. The best way for me to get rid of those thoughts is to simply keep a gratitude log. Every day (that I can) I simply write three things that bring me joy, for which I am forever grateful. Now you are going to see way fancier ones on Pinterest I am sure of that. Fancy isn’t my purpose. Some days I actually make real pretty pages filled with creativity. But most days it is simply a list or a quick page as is pictured. The point is for that 5 minutes of reflection of positivity! Goodbye negative thoughts and influences. Hello gratitude and positivity!

9. FUN! I love to schedule fun breaks! I always have a puzzle going or a game set up ready to play! It only takes about 15-30 minutes to completely loose myself in joy of genuine fun. Especially when I can talk someone into playing a game with me. Mystery Rummy is my all time favorite! It is basically Rummy with a twist!

10. PRESENT! Sometimes I am so bogged down with worries of future events and projects or with thoughts of things I should have done differently in the past, I forget that I can make right now PERFECT! I can make all the right choices, do the right things, accomplish the mounds of work, be there for everyone, be the best wife, be the best mother, be the best teacher, be the best of everything for 1 MINUTE at a time. Staying present as I go along helps fill my life with positivity.

Two Friendly tips: First make sure you wear your favorite hat, and more importantly, SHUT THE GARAGE DOOR before you snow blow that direction!

Two Friendly tips: First make sure you wear your favorite hat, and more importantly, SHUT THE GARAGE DOOR before you snow blow that direction!

I am off to tackle that snow, eat an orange, and then tackle some tasks.

I would love hearing how you self energize. Be sure to leave some feedback on facebook so I can hear your tips to get me out of this funk!

And you might also want to print my reminder sign. I’m printing three!


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